Residents outraged by lack of genuine community consultation on Gold Coast developments

Media release

Residents of Arundel, Parkwood and Labrador are voicing their frustration and anger over the lack of genuine community consultation on planning matters and several proposed developments that will impact their neighbourhoods and quality of life.

In Arundel, residents are fighting the masterplan for Arundel Hills Country Club golf course, which will see clearing of over 40% of koala habitat of an area currently zoned as recreational green space.

In Parkwood, a wave pool, 28.5m high buildings and a brewery on the Club at Parkwood Village, which is also zoned as open space and green space, has seen residents join together to fight the development. Residents at the meeting on 5/11 voiced concern that because Councillor Ryan Bayldon-Lumsden posted to social media about his “full support” for the development, residents were left feeling like objecting was futile. 

In Labrador, residents have been fighting against the city plan amendments that would allow for increased building heights and densities in the area, which they fear will ruin the character of their suburb. Council have been silent on the amendments, but are due to look at them again in 2024.

“When I’ve been speaking with the community they feel these developments are being pushed through without genuine consultation with the people who will be most affected by them,” said Jenna Schroeder, a Labrador local and Division 7 candidate. “I’ve been attending meetings and talking to people in Arundel and Parkwood. The community feels unheard. Our residents must be active participants in shaping our communities. Tokenistic community consultation is not good enough, we deserve better.

Schroeder’s advocacy includes a strong track record of community involvement. Having led grassroots campaigns against the proposed City Plan amendments in Labrador, Biggera Waters, and Southport West, she understands the challenges faced by residents. This experience fuels the passion for creating a more inclusive planning process.

“We need to accommodate growth on the Gold Coast”, she said “But not at the expense of our current residents.” 

“The community wants to have a say in how their neighbourhoods are shaped and what kind of amenities and services are provided to them,” Schroeder said. “They want to see more transparency, accountability and genuine engagement from the council, not gestures and ticking boxes.”

Parkwood resident Suzanne Falzon said of the Parkwood development, “As a resident whose quiet enjoyment in our family home, our main investment, is being jeopardised, our concerns have been completely neglected by the very person who was elected to support the Division 7 constituantes.

Jenna urged the council and the developers to listen to the concerns and feedback of the residents of Arundel, Parkwood and Labrador, and to work with them to find solutions that are mutually beneficial and sustainable. “By embracing inclusive community engagement and focusing on solutions for our neighborhoods, we can build a Gold Coast we are all proud to call home.”

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Jenna Schroeder
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