What community are saying

Through my connections with community I have received overwhelming support for my decision to run for Councillor of Division 7.

Here is what some are saying.

Animal Welfare League QLD (AWLQ)

We are pleased to provide a testimonial for Jenna Schroeder in her candidacy for Councillor of Division 7 in the 2024 local government elections.

Jenna Schroeder has been a long-time supporter of Animal Welfare League Queensland in her capacity as one of the organisers of ”Paws at the Park.” Over the years, Paws at the Park has become a beloved community event celebrating the love for animals and raising crucial funds for our organisation.

AWLQ is honoured to be the event’s charity partner, and thanks to Jenna’s leadership, they have raised an impressive $70,000 to support our mission of caring for and protecting animals in need.

We are confident that Jenna’s leadership, compassion, and commitment will continue to positively impact her community, just as it has within Animal Welfare League Queensland.

Animal Welfare League Queensland

Councillor Peter Young, Division 5

I have known Jenna for about 5 years and in that time I have noted her keen and strong work in support of the community where she lives. Jenna, together with her business partner Lia, has also delivered the highly successful and popular Santa Paws in the Park at Country Paradise Parklands.

These have been really very lovely events with a great atmosphere generated by careful attention to delivering a day that is welcoming, supportive, fun and educational. I have really loved the Santa Paws events and hope for more in the future.

Cr Peter Young, Division 5 Representative

Fierce Females

Fierce Females is pleased to provide a testimonial for Jenna Schroeder for her candidacy in the 2024 local government elections.

We can’t recommend Jenna Schroeder enough! She’s not just supportive and genuine, but she truly takes action on her promises.

In a world of talkers, Jenna stands out as someone who walks the walk.

Her authenticity is a breath of fresh air, and her commitment to making a difference is evident in everything she does.

We are grateful to have Jenna in our corner! 

Amanda Giblin, Founder, Managing Director

Labrador 4215

Having worked alongside Jenna as an admin of the Labrador 4215 Facebook group, I can attest to her dedication and the vital role she plays in our community. Since founding the group in 2019, she’s grown it into a vital community resource with almost 9,000 members who have a space to discuss local issues.

Jenna’s role extends far beyond just moderating online conversations. She engages with council, local MPs, and Queensland Police on various issues brought up in the group, ranging from everyday concerns to more serious matters like domestic violence and community safety.

Jenna is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive online environment and works tirelessly work to connect with the community to understand local issues. Her experience in handling a range of local concerns are what inspired her to run for council in Division 7. Her insight into the community makes her a true asset to our neighbourhoods.

Labrador 4215 is a year-round, around-the-clock commitment, and Jenna handles it with exceptional care and professionalism. Her genuine care for our community will make her an amazing councillor for Division 7.

Crystal Solis, Admin, Labrador 4215 & Owner, Colada & Co.

Labrador State School P&C Association

As a grandparent and member of the Labrador State School P&C, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jenna Schroeder for the past few years.

As an active member of the P&C Jenna has managed events like the Labrador Community Christmas Celebration. She has a knack for detail and an intuitive understanding of what it takes to create successful, inclusive and welcoming community events.

What really stands out is Jenna’s commitment to our school and the broader community. Seeing her in action, managing everything from logistics to volunteer coordination with such ease and professionalism has shown her skills extend well beyond event management – she is a community leader in her own right.

I have no doubt that these qualities will serve her well in representing Division 7, and I fully support her in her endeavour to do so.

Sally Davies, Labrador State School P&C Member

Paws at the Park

Jenna and I first connected on social media via our small business ventures in the pet industry and her passion for the community and entrepreneurial spirit stood out to me from the start.

We quickly went from strangers to business partners, and over the past 7 years have grown our free community event, Paws at the Park to be one of the largest of its kind in Australia. In this time we are also proud to have raised over $75,000 for the Animal Welfare League Qld.

Jenna’s outstanding networking, multitasking, planning and communication skills along with her focus on providing opportunities for small business and local charities have contributed largely to our success, all of which I believe are valuable attributes of a councillor.

Jenna’s genuine care and proven determination to improve and protect her local community is truly admirable and she is an outstanding candidate to represent Division 7. 

Lia Ferguson, Co-Founder, Paws at the Park

Hudson Snake Catching

Jenna is an outstanding advocate for any cause she has worked for or is passionate about, she is great at building business connections and partnerships as well as staying true to her values and showing strength and courage when facing challenges. She is certainly a leader the City of Gold Coast could use in Division 7!

Hudson Snake Catching

Fratello Italian

Our restaurant is a small business that has been in operation since 2020 in Labrador.

When we first opened up, we had no connections in the community and were unable to reach out to our customers. It was at this time that Jenna approached us, informed us about the local community group ‘Labrador 4215’ and encouraged us to join in. Since then, we have been able to spread word of our business and have been able to stay connected with our customers.

Jenna still remains one of the administrators of the group that has helped us and others ease into the community. She actively checks the group and ensures only quality content reaches out to its members.

Not only that, we had no eftpos machine to take card payments since our provider had the order delayed. It was at this time that Jenna provided us with her Square Reader that helped us take card payments in the beginning.

Jenna is truly a wonderful human being who cares about her community and the people that live in it. We can think of no one better for this position than Jenna.

Our best wishes to her!

Aditya Prajapati, Owner, Fratello Italian

Urban Gourmet Kitchen

We’re a Gold Coast-based family business with a decade of operation. Our partnership with Jenna spans seven years, primarily through Paws and the Park. Jenna’s unwavering professionalism and loyalty have provided our family business with invaluable opportunities. Witnessing her business thrive and witnessing her evolve into a remarkable professional over these seven years has been truly impressive.

In addition to her unwavering support for small local businesses, Jenna’s collaborative spirit and dedication to community betterment set her apart. Her genuine concern for people makes her the ideal candidate for this position. Jenna consistently goes above and beyond to contribute positively to the local business landscape and the community at large. Her passion for fostering meaningful connections and driving positive change is evident in every endeavour she undertakes. We are confident that Jenna’s leadership will continue to leave a lasting, positive impact on our community, making her the ideal candidate for this position.

Andre Tabet, Owner, Urban Gourmet Kitchen & Executive Chef, Woolworths Group 


Jenna is not just a valuable member of the Labrador community; she’s also a tremendous support to local business owners. When I first started my business in Labrador Jenna shared invaluable insights on how to boost my business in ways I hadn’t considered. She used her writing expertise to craft a blog on her Labrador 4215 website for me and guided me in promoting it through her community page.

To this day, she remains an invaluable asset. I continue to reach out to her for small business advice, and without hesitation, she’s always there to assist. 

Larni Spilsbury-Vatselias, Owner, Snatched