My vision

As a passionate advocate for our local community, I am excited to present my vision for the future of Division 7 if I am elected as your next councillor.

Whether you reside in Arundel, Helensvale, Labrador, Molendinar, or Parkwood, you deserve a voice in council who has your best interests at heart. Someone who is committed to representing all areas of Division 7 and ensuring our area is not overlooked in the City of Gold Coast’s upcoming plans.

Every corner of our division holds unique stories and aspirations, and it’s my commitment to ensure our voices are not just heard, but actively woven into the fabric of the City of Gold Coast’s future. I want to work with the community to shape a future where every resident thrives and every neighbourhood flourishes.

People: Creating a liveable and inclusive community for all

Every person in our community deserves to feel valued, heard, and included. I’m committed to fostering a Division 7 where everyone’s voice matters. This means creating platforms for open dialogue, encouraging diverse community events, and supporting local initiatives. A liveable community isn’t just about physical infrastructure; it’s also about the social fabric. By promoting inclusivity, celebrating our diversity, and supporting local businesses, we’re not only enhancing our quality of life but also ensuring that Division 7 is a place where everyone can thrive.

This will include but not be limited to:

  • Actively listening to community
  • Continuing work to advocate for sustainable development and against inappropriate development
  • Supporting diverse community events
  • Supporting community groups
Encouraging diverse community events is one way I will continue to create an inclusive community for all

Parks: Preserving and enhancing our green spaces for a sustainable future

Our green spaces are heartbeats of our communities. I envision a Division 7 where our green spaces are preserved and where suitable, become vibrant hubs of community activity. By nurturing our parks, we’re not only providing recreational areas but also contributing to a sustainable future to be involved for generations to come.

  • Upgrading park amenities
  • Upgrading outdated playgrounds and improving accessibility
  • Protection and preservation of the Arundel-Coombabah Wetlands
  • Protection and preservation of Arundel/Parkwood wildlife corridors
  • Protection and preservation of the Broadwater
  • Advocating for community’s wishes for upgrades to Len Fox Park / the Broadwater
  • Investigating potential new fenced dog parks

Paths: Uplifting walkability, infrastructure, and accessibility

With my focus on liveability, I believe our residents deserve an investment into creating smart, connected and liveable communities. To do this I envisage a focus on uplifting our pathways to make every corner of Division 7 accessible to everyone. This involves not only improving walkability but other forms of travel through uplifting the overall infrastructure that is safe, accessible, well-lit and user-friendly.

This will include but not be limited to:

  • Advocating for overdue improvements to our community’s outdated and narrow footpaths
  • Improving pedestrian visibility and safety
  • Upgrading bus shelters
  • Improving lighting for walkways
  • Uplifting the quality of trees and roundabouts on our streets
  • Advocating for community’s wishes for upgrades to Len Fox Park / the Broadwater
My vision is to improve liveability for all in our community

Working with higher levels of government on broader community issues

My pet hate in a professional context is being told:

“That’s the way we’ve always done it”

As a resident I extend that sentiment to local politicians using the phrase:

“That’s a state issue”

It’s not always clear which level of government is responsible for different issues.

It is my promise to never blame another level of government for an issue that affects our communities. Instead, where the role of councillor is not directly capable of making change I will advocate for our community to state and federal government and work with them on solutions.

Since moving to Labrador I have built a strong relationship with Bonney MP Sam O’Connor who supported my e-petition to state government on the City Plan amendments, donated requested sausages to the Labrador State School P&C and awarded me with a Local Legend Award for my work in the community.

I endeavour to continue to build relationships across all levels of government to allow me to advocate for our communities.

This will include, but not be limited to:

  • Improving crime rates in our communities
  • Tackling speeding and hooning
  • Assisting our homeless populations
  • Improving congestion and state roads
  • Houseboat adherence to laws
I will advocate for our community with all levels of government where necessary

The equitable distribution of divisional funds

My professional experience has given me the skills to manage budgets and make strategic investments.

My goal for divisional funds is to ensure an equitable distribution for the benefit of our entire community, ensuring the advantages are widespread and impactful for every resident. Divisional funds are not just figures on a balance sheet; they are pathways to progress, opportunities for transformation and lifelines for community growth. This vision is a practical commitment to advocate for improved liveability for all.


In embracing these principles, I’m dedicated to creating a Division 7 that we’re all proud to call home. Together, let’s build a future that’s green, accessible, and inclusive community, where every resident’s well-being is a priority.